Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Days 20-23: Getting a feel for what's happening

As part of my prayer time, I've given God permission to change me, if that's what's needed for me to see him.  As far as I can tell, he's still a no show.

I have noticed two things though.

First, like anything in life, the more time and effort I put into my morning sessions, the more I get out of them.  Hardly a surprise.

Secondly, the prayer for revelation feels like the most pointless part of the session.  I say it as sincerely as I can, but it's the meditation afterwards that calms my mind for the day.  It's thinking about the good things in my life that brings home to me how lucky I am.  It is these earth-focused activities that anchor me in reality and seem to benefit me in my daily life.

I'm not committing to continue daily meditation once the 40 days are up: if I do that, it'll feel like a duty and a drudge - I know what I'm like!  Nevertheless, I like to think I won't immediately drop this habit.


  1. Hi McGingersnap! So halfway through? I'm still praying for you on your journey through the 40 days of prayer. x

    1. Thanks, HSB. I hope all's well with you. x

  2. Hi McGingersnap - just dropping by to say hi x