Sunday, 14 October 2012

Atheist Prayer Experiment: four weeks in

I haven't blogged for a few days because I haven't noticed anything new.  I still haven't received anything that I'd call a divine revelation; I'm still discovering the benefits of meditation and contemplation.

Having said that, the "be thankful" thought that came into my head early in the experiment has been a great reminder and has been part of my reintroduction to the amazing world outside my head (and that big, scary place they call "Offline").  So if you think that came from God, he gave me good advice and it's helping.  Whatever or whoever it was, I'm grateful for it.

The other consequence of raising my awareness through gratitude and meditation is that I'm now conscious of personal issues that I need to deal with.  Well, not "need" to deal with, but that it would be a bad idea to ignore.  It's like I've been driving along with the radio blasting and, now that I've turned it off, I can hear some troubling engine noises.  Better get the toolkit out and, if necessary, visit a mechanic before I rev up again and hit the radio switch.

I'll see the experiment through to the end, but - to be honest - it's the meditation that I'd like to explore further.  I found a photo with a W B Yeats quote the other day that summed up my feelings so far. 


  1. Hi McGingersnap I continue to pray God will reveal Himself to you. x

    1. Thank you. I guess while I'm doing the prayer thing I'll ask Him to bless you abundantly. :)

      Rachel x